• Your personal fertility coach if you …

… want to become pregnant naturally

… want to know what your hormone levels mean

… wonder if IVF is the right way for you

… have gone through several unsuccessful IVF cycles

… have suffered one or more miscarriages

… want to learn more about your cycle and your fertile window

About me

My name is Silvia Hecher, and I have been dedicated to reproductive health and family planning for more than 20 years – professionally, as a medical journalist, as a start-up founder, as the manager of a fertility clinic and as a fertility coach; privately, in a rollercoaster that took me through six pregnancies and more than five times as many visits to OB/GYNs. Finally, I am a happy mother of two daughters. What’s at the center of my fertility coaching? YOU! It’s about your path so far, your partnership, your desires, your disappointments, and your fears, but above all, the multitude of possibilities that are in front of you. Please reach out. I look forward to meeting you!

Silvia Children's Wish Coaching

The individual steps in fertility coaching:


    At the beginning of our journey, we will look at your fertility story so far and discover which experiences have impacted you the most. Which of your feelings needs the most attention at the time? What does your body want to tell you? Together, we will take a look at your disappointments, your expectations, and your diagnostic results.


    What is most important to you in the coming weeks and months? Who and what in your environment gives you strength? If you’ve already started IVF, are you content with the clinic you have chosen? If not, what is missing? Together, we will look at your visions, question assumptions, and find alternatives. Taking a holistic view of you as a person and your desire to have children, we will find out what reproductive medicine, alternative medicine and spiritual approaches can do for you. Anything is possible. There is nothing that must not be.


    We will create visions and pursue them – both realistic and unrealistic. After we have found a future that seems particularly desirable to you, we will explore how you can get there through fertility coaching. In doing so, we will look at your personal resources, as well as unused diagnostic options, reproductive medicine alternatives, and legal requirements. For example, IVF is one possible path way to pregnancy among many, just as “becoming a mother” or “becoming a parent” can happen in different ways.


    Everything you feel while embarking on your fertility journey, everything you learn about yourself and medical findings that are new to you are integrated into the last step. You will have clarity. You will know which way you want to go and which decisions you want to make. You may learn that you have to say goodbye to some ideas but discover new possibilities. Your inner posture is at the center of your attention.

Fertility Coaching
You are not alone. We’re in this together! Tell me briefly what’s on your mind and arrange a free 15-minute online fertility coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you!

What customers say about fertility coaching

I had two early miscarriages and felt overwhelmed and alone with the situation. I didn’t know who to turn to. Silvia not only experienced something similar to me but also pointed me in the right diagnostic direction. Thank you for that!

There are no prejudices here. You’re in good hands. And I learned a lot about my hormones.

After three IVF attempts in which we did not get an embryo back, we made the decision to go for egg donation. We had heard of egg donation before, but we never dealt with the issue. When egg donation was first suggested to us, we thought, “This is not for us.” In quite a number of coaching sessions, Silvia helped us envision all kinds of scenarios, from another IVF to egg donation to embryo donation in Spain to just living without children. It was an exhausting time, during which Silvia made a lot of time for us on short notice. We realized at the time that somehow, we were running out of strength and that another IVF might have ruined us. We felt we just could not reach the end of our journey without ending up with a child. In the end, from today’s point of view, egg donation was the right decision for us, which we probably would not have made without fertility coaching. We wish all readers here all the best, and if there is anything we can pass on, then it would be to just not ever give up!

I decided to do fertility coaching with Silvia because now, at the age of 36, my biological clock is ticking louder and louder. I am in an unstable situation regarding my career while having been in a wonderful relationship for only a few months. I turned to Silvia wanting rather basic information on how my cycle works, which hormones it would be worthwhile checking,  and how my pregnancy chances would develop over the next few years. Not only did I get all this information – precisely and in a comprehensive way – but Silvia also took a close look at my working situation, and her questions opened up a new possibility where motherhood and career could coexist that I hadn’t been aware of. Silvia addressed all of my issues in a very empathetic yet professional way, taking my wishes, needs, worries and fears into account. I feel more relaxed now looking at the years to come, and I know where to turn to if more questions arise.

I approached Silvia with a somewhat embarrassing problem: I didn’t ovulate! Or at least, I thought so. It’s truly a shame that taking the pill for quite some time makes us lose the ability to interpret our body’s signals. Within three months, I learned to tell the symptoms of my cycle phases, and well, I do ovulate regularly! :D